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Green Field

Villa Teo-Sport

Villa with a multifunctional court, handball, basketball, tennis, mini football and swimming pool is located 12 km (10 - 15 minutes) from the center of Sabac. The villa is located in a completely peaceful and natural environment in Cerovac. It is located at the best place to rest and is surrounded by greenery.

The villa is suitable for:

- Preparation of sports groups / clubs
- Active holiday of several families
- Weekend excursions for employees in small and medium-sized companies
- Friendship and party

Villa Teo-Sport have

6 bedrooms
3 bathroom
2 large living room
1 room is equipped with a TV with cable channels
Wi-Fi internet covers the entire villa
It also has a well-equipped kitchen

Additional features

The villa is equipped with 12 beds (17 sleeping places)
More beds (up to 22 sleeping places) can be added if necessary.

The content

- Swimming pool
- Multifunctional - tennis, basketball and handball court (asphalt)
- Field for mini football (grass)
- Free Wi-Fi
- Cable TV

Contact Us

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Availability of capacity and calendar

(+381) 060 844 61 59

Our Location

15224 Cerovac, Sabac
Coordinates: 44°39'55.2"N 19°44'57.4"E